Minimalistic or simplistic?

The key to finishing a task is concentrating on the thing you are working on and decluttering your mind of all else. Everything else is just poor time and responsibility management.

Easier said than done, I get distracted so easily. I actually feel at my most productive when doing two things at the same time, preferrably in two different languages. Does this mean my brain is just too advanced to be interested or able to do normal level activities? *diabolical laughter*


I wrote about my dilettante minimalism a few months ago, but I’ve thought about it and believe myself to be rather a simplicist than a minimalist. I do like owning a certain amount and variety of things of any category.

Is that good enough? I do restrict myself more than my paycheck would. I dispose and declutter before aquiring. I keep it simple in an aesthetic meaning.

When I was younger I couldn’t decide about the color of a leather jacket, so I got it in black and white. Those times have passed – I now aspire to own an all-black wardrobe. No fuss about mixing and matching; everything looks sleek and elegant; no ridiculous maybe-I’ll-wear-it-once-purchases.

As of recently I have taken the next step towards my ideal aesthetic and perfected my workplace. It’s definitely not minimalistic, but definitely simplistic:


As a minimalist I wouldn’t probably aquire two monitors but rather one larger-sized laptop, which I cannot afford at the moment. As said in my last post regarding the subject, minimalism is something one has to come to afford. I might be it one day.

However, just investing in the black monitor shelf and the black pencil case (I had a pastel pencil case and books as a monitor shelf before) makes the aesthetic whole. Now, just sitting at my desk has a soothing, thought-chaos-ordering effect on me.

I think I will stick with two monitors to do the afore-mentioned two tasks at the same time, or just to add images to text which is much easier with more monitor space.

Nevertheless, for now I feel like I do need all of this.

Besides, if one splurges on necessary things and keeps a modest approach regarding the non-necessary, can that count as halfway?

We’ll see. I will definitely return to this subject 😉

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