Why Your Snobbery is valid

Hello, dear Internet.

Today, let’s talk about the fact that these days people are rating every insignificant detail and experience they have during their day, and the fact that the Internet is happy to validate theit knit-picking ways. And foremost, let’s try and learn how to extract valuable information from this phenomenon.


This day and age is on the one hand about saturation on every possible level and on the other hand about choices. Even in case your location is not in a popular or populated area of the world – as long as you are blessed with an Internet connection, you can inform yourself on things going on in the world, other people’s aesthetics, lives, tastes and actions. And, greatest of all: you can sound off on all of them.


On the negative side, this leads to every village idiot thinking their opinion is valid and important since for every villade idiot there is another similar imbecile with the same opinion. Whence is formed a bond of confirmation, and the flood of gorilla people continued to spam the Internet with hate and ignorance, thinking they are the Kings Of Opinion and Leaders of Majorities.


Now, these people should be restrained and muzzled, but keep on growing and showing like weeds. But that’s not the point I am making today.


On the positive side: The possiblity to see every choice you can make manifest in a real person and work itself out in the real world, enables a young person to gain confidence, break boundaries and overcome personal fears, old norms and molds. Our century has a unique sense of individuality and personal freedom, seeing as people of all shapes, sizes, colors, genders, preferences, and attached to that, their stories of becoming themselves, are available to read and to see, to identify with. By having examples in those very real people they can identify with, others are incouraged to further develop personal preferences and a unique personality.

Coming from this multitude of choices it is also a personal responsibility to educate onself on all possibilities and opportunities before making a choice or adopting a behaviour or an opinion. Above that, an educated person will remain open and teachable – it is possible and welcome to change and develop, to evolve in a sense of style, taste, lifestyle and also to change core values. These are processes and results that make you You.


Having reached a certain point in your evolution, and having built a certain persona as a result of these processes, you will have opinions on topics and things, which could in return be of value for others who are not so far along as you. Sharing one’s personal experiences and opinions should, thus, be absolutely essential to guarantee even more personal growth. Being a mentor and a role model is a wonderful experience (and doesn’t have to do anything with being a parent).

But, who is the objective critic to validate that you’re not one of those village idiots, ranting along and littering all over the forum where the other idiot will validate you anyway, nevermind the real value of your content?


It’s not about being superior to others but to be explicitly aware of your taste in things and proud of the nuances that set you apart from other indivuals. It’s about the distinction of one personality amongst others, not belittling others to uplift yourself. So it’s about sharing your personal experience, opening yourself up for criticism because your experiences and opinions are distinct enough for you to know them to mean something to those who look up to you and be valuable for those who seek to learn.

It is never about being judgemental towards others but to be, strive to be, and to remain educational on the one and teachable on the other hand. That is my perspective on the actual meaning of constructive snobbery.


So, if the context of snobbery is someone having a distinct taste or knowledge about a certain topic, and if that person can hand this knowledge to others in a non-condescending way, then snobbery is absolutely valid. Absolutely sound off on topics you are knowledgeable about, if your opinion furthers the discourse and if you wish to share your personal opinion.

If that means you are about to say something negative – if it is helpful, do it. If it’s not constructive, let it go. Let it gooo….

Furthermore, in a world full of choices, options, colors, fabrics, people, countries, and where everything is open for everyone, it is an essential factor towards your own person to educate yourself in regards to all of the above to find a distinct You, and in regards to this process, your snobbery will always be valid.

As long as you remain educational, constructive and teachable, never be shy to show your knowledge and encourage others to seek the knowledge they need to become a better version of themselves. Your input could be the key piece of information leading someone to a win in life.

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